Cinematic Doctrine

The Batman - Peak Comic Noir

March 08, 2022 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 101
Cinematic Doctrine
The Batman - Peak Comic Noir
Show Notes


Melvin and Daniel return to the world of superheroes! In this episode they discuss the newest adaption in the long-running cinematic Batman canon.


  • Are there too many Batmen in 2022?
  • Production history leading up to the release of The Batman.
  • For Melvin, there's a lot to like about The Batman in terms of adapting the noir, mystery nature of DC's greatest detective.
  • ...but, there was a point when Melvin thought, "This movie is just okay." while watching it in theaters.
  • Melvin, "But the problem is in a movie that's gonna be 3 hours, I really hope everything's worthwhile."
  • When Melvin would see the trailer for The Batman, he kept thinking, "This movie's biggest fault will be it's overt self-seriousness."
  • Daniel really liked the movie, and felt Gotham felt more alive than ever.
  • Also, for Daniel the strength of the movie is based upon its "theming and understand of the Batman as a thing that exists."
  • Daniel, "I love that this is an actual deconstruction that has something meaningful to say about deconstructing Batman."
  • Discussing Robert Pattinson's performance.
  • Getting into spoiler talk and getting into Paul Dano's Riddler.
  • Surmising Batman's narrative arc in potential sequels.
  • We have got to talk about the worst scene in the entire movie, bar none.


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