Cinematic Doctrine

Moon Knight - Not Quite Weird, Not Quite Experimental

May 24, 2022 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 109
Cinematic Doctrine
Moon Knight - Not Quite Weird, Not Quite Experimental
Show Notes


Melvin and Dan dive into that new Marvel thing featuring Oscar Isaac and Oscar Isaac and also Oscar Isaac. Wow!


  • (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 30-minutes talking about Netflix stock, loss of subscribers, and reasons behind Netflix's currently poor situation. (PATREON EXCLUSIVE)
  • For Daniel, the current baseline of Marvel content is that it's not that great, but it's also not necessarily bad, either.
  • Discussing a bit of Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson's previous science-fiction work, and their "kitchen sink" approach to filmmaking.
  • Daniel, "If this wasn't in the MCU, like, would they be allowed to be more violent? Would they be allowed to be weirder and more experimental?"
  • Most members involved in Moon Knight have previously shared a disinterest the MCU, but something about the Moon Knight project grabbed their attention.
  • Oscar Isaac's performance as two different characters functions so incredibly well that it never distracts you away from the drama.
  • Discussing the various spoilers of the show, and how a lot of what makes the show cool is used later in the show.
  • These various Marvel Limited Series' come across like Phase Two in-that they feel very committee, even if they are far better than most of the Phase Two films.
  • Melvin and Dan discuss themes of atonement and justice throughout both Moon Knight, but Scripture as well.


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