Cinematic Doctrine

So... About That Halo Show...

June 14, 2022 Melvin & Dan
Cinematic Doctrine
So... About That Halo Show...
Show Notes


Melvin and Dan travel back in time and adventure through Halo's early popularity, the constant behind-the-scenes talks about a Halo movie, the subsequent dark phase of Halo after Bungie moves on, and how Halo continues to struggle to reach its original sky-high success. A previous, two-generation console selling franchise can't even begin to garner interest in a new streaming service, Paramount+. Why is that? Let's get into it.

(PATREON EXCLUSIVE) Various extra video game discussions throughout including classic console variations, other Halo shows, Halo 'killers', Kingdom Hearts, and so much more! (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 

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