Cinematic Doctrine

Stranger Things S1-3 Retrospective

June 21, 2022 Melvin & Dan
Cinematic Doctrine
Stranger Things S1-3 Retrospective
Show Notes


Are you watching Stranger Things? Well, Melvin sure has been. He's been losing sleep over it! But, only in the best way possible. Tune in to hear Melvin and Daniel discuss Seasons 1-3 of Stranger Things in preparation for the upcoming finale of Season 4! We get into the massive cultural impact Season 1 held when it first released, the black sheep of the series that is Season 2, and the wonderfully different and significantly higher budgeted Season 3, why Steve Harrington is maybe the best character, how the show brilliantly uses the "binge" model to keep you engaged, and the undeniable versatility of the Stranger Things universe. Oh, and yes, we do spend time talking about the infamous S2E7. 

(PATREON EXCLUSIVE) Hear our early thoughts on Season 4 before volume 2 releases on July 1st, including its best episodes, how we feel about it being the scariest season, and what works so well about this potential finale! (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 

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