Cinematic Doctrine

Ms. Marvel - A Great Teen Superhero Show Nobody Watched

July 26, 2022 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 116
Cinematic Doctrine
Ms. Marvel - A Great Teen Superhero Show Nobody Watched
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Disney released two shows at once rather than one at a time! Weird!! Patreon Supporters picked Ms. Marvel over Obi-Wan Kenobi. Not weird! 


  • (PATREON EXLUSIVE) 40-minutes talking about the incomprehensible Marvel-fan backlash to Thor: Love and Thunder, as well as tangents on Metallica, Rockband and Guitar Hero, and Seventh-Gen Console gaming (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 
  • Daniel enjoys how Ms. Marvel has a positive perspective on organized religion. 
  • Melvin reads some of Iman Vellani's Letterboxd reviews from 2020. 
  • Maybe not specifically, but conceptually there's a lot to find relatable in Ms. Marvel for anyone who's grown up in a healthy, yet difficult religious setting. 
  • The choice to give Ms. Marvel 'hardlight' powers may have been a wise VFX choice when compared to that abysmal She-Hulk trailer. 
  • Extra characters live their life in the world of Ms. Marvel, which other Disney Plus Marvel shows don't really have. 
  • The portrayal of family dynamics is also quite excellent in Ms. Marvel
  • Melvin liked the lore behind the Jinn when it felt like a classic, tragic ghost-story. He did not, however, like them as villains overall. 
  • Daniel noticed most online criticism for Ms. Marvel was from people who hadn't watched the show. 
  • The end of the show makes a lore-change that some have found annoying. Melvin asserts how little he cares about that. 


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