Cinematic Doctrine

Nope - Anthony Coughlin and the Consequence of Spectacle

August 02, 2022 Anthony Coughlin Season 1 Episode 117
Cinematic Doctrine
Nope - Anthony Coughlin and the Consequence of Spectacle
Show Notes


Melvin & Dan are joined by Anthony Coughlin, one of several pastors of Risen Christ Fellowship. The three discuss the latest Jordan Peele pic, what they perceive it's about, and how it's not quite a horror movie, even if it's occasionally horrific!


  • (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 45-minutes talking about movies, specific ones or types, that we regret watching, or have reconsidered as we've matured (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 
  • The three agree: Nope is not only a good movie, but it also ruminates in the mind for a while after seeing it. 
  • Daniel feels Jordan Peele movies always produce two questions: Is it a horror movie, and what is it about? 
  • Using that one viral tweet where someone claims Jordan Peele must be the best horror director because he's made three good horror movies as a jumping point to actually talk about Jordan Peele's greatness. 
  • Nope feels like a movie built around boundaries, respect, and meditating on the morality behind certain actions. 
  • Discussing those two Nope trailers which essentially showcase two completely different movies. 
  • Our fascination with the UFO and dissecting various themes and functions it represents. 
  • The thesis of Nope also deals with the concept of and seduction toward spectacle, and how these things can be dangerous. 
  • Was the ending triumphant or melancholy? 
  • And lastly: how does Nope rank against Us and Get Out


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