Cinematic Doctrine

Prey - Or, the Actual First Sequel to Predator

August 09, 2022 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 118
Cinematic Doctrine
Prey - Or, the Actual First Sequel to Predator
Show Notes


Melvin & Dan talk about the latest Predator movie, Prey, that probably should have been in theaters, right?


  • (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 50-minutes talking about the benefits to physical media over streaming, and the exciting world of special features w/ examples. (PATREON EXCLUSIVE)
  • Immediate disappointment that Prey was not in theaters.
  • Jacob Knight on Letterboxd writes that Predator is at its best when it just embraces its "Pro Wrestling" aesthetic.
  • Predator has always been more enjoyable when it's simple. This is why Predators can feel pretty fun at times, and why Prey feels great all the time.
  • Melvin & Dan want to see the Predator dropped into other time periods: pirates, samurai, ancient Greece. All sorts of weird, high concept stuff!
  • Amber Midthunder was very pleased to see the depictions of Native Americans in Prey was not hyper spiritual and shamanistic.
  • There's a cultural, current fascination with "simple" movies; movies with high concepts that are easy to explain and easier to understand.
  • Dakota Beavers, really the only other character in the movie, who also has no other credits on IMDB, was also pretty great!
  • As far as we can tell, all the Native American characters have Native American heritage, which is really great!
  • Ranking the Predator movies.


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