Cinematic Doctrine

Black Widow - A Middling Marvel Movie

July 12, 2021 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 79
Cinematic Doctrine
Black Widow - A Middling Marvel Movie
Show Notes


Melvin and Daniel talk about what it's like to be back in the theater (officially), how Black Widow compares to the multiple Marvel Mini-series, and how Black Widow feels a bit like two movies at once that don't always work together.


  • Daniel, "This was my first movie back in the theaters." 
  • Discussing the trailers seen before Black Widow 
  • Introducing Black Widow [14:17] 
  • Trying to figure out the purpose of this movie apart from it simply being a Black Widow stand-alone flick. 
  • Melvin, "Yeah, let's talk about that [opening credits] cause that was, like, really strange!" 
  • Daniel, "Like I said, it feels like there's almost two movies at play." 
  • Fangirling over Florence Pugh and how she's a brilliant performer 
  • Contemplating reasons for audience disengagement 
  • Daniel, "Again, they're trying to do Jason Bourne serious-spy-movie... but then they have secret pheromones that keep you from killing people." 
  • The missed opportunity that is Taskmaster (but potential future hope for the character) 
  • Wanting more creativity in the MCU, and comparing Black Widow to the MCU Mini-Series' on Disney Plus. 
  • Rewriting scenes, because we're a podcast and that's what podcasts do! 
  • Hoping to see more creativity in the MCU movies 


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