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The Queen's Gambit - Peak Feminist Cinema

July 27, 2021 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 81
Cinematic Doctrine
The Queen's Gambit - Peak Feminist Cinema
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Melvin does a lukewarm open, and Daniel talks about how he followed a bunch of Christian twitter accounts of people who were in the American Gospel: Christ Alone documentary only to find they're more interested in posting about masks than things related to the Bible. Then they talk about The Queen's Gambit, it's strong depiction of relationships, Beth Harmon as a tragically sad character, and its narrative elaboration of a budding feminist wave during the 1960's.


  • Melvin embarrasses himself with a terrible introduction to the episode, and then Daniel talks about why he finds politics tiresome and uninteresting. 
  • Daniel, "The mixture of, like, Biblical knowledge and a platform I think makes people feel like they can talk about anything."
  • Talking about how The Babylon Bee is too smug be healthy for anyone.
  • Introducing The Queen's Gambit [16:34]
  • Melvin doesn't feel it's always appropriate for a buncha 20-year old dudes to explain their opinions on female-centric stories.
  • ...but he did love how The Queen's Gambit portrayed early childhood development and feminist themes.
  • Daniel loves Anya Taylor-Joy, the soundtrack, the cinematography, and the whole craft of The Queen's Gambit.
  • Excellent portrayal of various relationships and the many stages experienced within them.
  • Daniel, "I'm a sucker for any actor that does a lot with no dialogue. It's just something I enjoy. Call it the "Ryan Gosling in Drive" syndrome."
  • Melvin feels The Queen's Gambit is a good work of feminist fiction.


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