Cinematic Doctrine

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (P1) - Critics vs. Fans, A Tale as Old as Time

August 10, 2021 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 83
Cinematic Doctrine
Masters of the Universe: Revelation (P1) - Critics vs. Fans, A Tale as Old as Time
Show Notes


Melvin and Daniel discuss the highly divisive new installment in the Masters of the Universe franchise.


  • After restarting Arrested Development (again x16+), Melvin wonders what it would be like for the Russo brothers to return to comedy. 
  • Daniel imagines their return to the MCU for a Marvel Comedy procedural. 
  • Introducing Masters of the Universe: Revelation (S1E1-5) [8:38] 
  • Basically, Kevin Smith and his group of friends wrote/produced MotU:R and that got Daniel really interested 
  • Critics loved it. Fans hated it. We can't really explain these reasons without spoiling the show, but it's worth the discussion. 
  • Melvin wasn't totally on-board with MotU:R, but that's because he's growing tired of the "Reboot Template". 
  • Unpacking the controversial complicating incident for the season, and how not being invested in He-Man may be a benefit to the show. 
  • MotU:R raises the stakes and adds depth to its characters, something the original show never did. 
  • Daniel, on one reason critic reception can be so different than fan reception, "When you watch, like, 10 movies a week and you're watching all these shows, something that stands out is gonna really hit different." 
  • But, we're all guilty of going "back in my day!" with things we loved when growing up. 
  • Melvin, "Do you think it's, like, the comfortability of chasing identity that draws people in to be so angry about this stuff?"
  • Sympathy for those who idolize things, acceptance that it's okay to not like things, but the importance of a reality check over what priorities take stock in our lives.
  • Expanding on the "Reboot Template" and why Melvin is growing tired of it (Editor's Note: Melvin means Star Wars, not Star Trek: The Motion Picture, when talking about a movie shown in theaters, like, 7 years in a row)
  • Are we interested in watching the rest of S1?


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