Cinematic Doctrine

I Can Only Imagine - A Monumental Song, A Serviceable Movie

August 31, 2021 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 85
Cinematic Doctrine
I Can Only Imagine - A Monumental Song, A Serviceable Movie
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Daniel shares his extensive thoughts on Donda, the new Kanye album, which segways well into discussing one of Christian music's most prominent songs, I Can Only Imagine, and the movie that shares its name. From setting the stage with the world of CCM, to I Can Only Imagine's release and world domination, then finally right into the movie itself, Melvin and Daniel dive into many topics on this Patreon selected episode! 


  • Daniel texted Melvin and asked if he could talk about Donda. So, we talk about Donda for 15 minutes. 
  • Donda feels like two albums: one a great album, the other an unfinished mess. 
  • Daniel feels "Jesus Lord" is potentially Kanye's magnum opus. 
  • Daniel, "Jesus is King is such a genuine reflection of young faith." 
  • Introducing I Can Only Imagine [14:58] 
  • A brief history of CCM in the early 2000's which set the stage for the song I Can Only Imagine. 
  • Explaining the impact of the song I Can Only Imagine. 
  • Melvin had three not-so-positive (but not deal-breaking) observations that made it hard for him to fully enjoy the movie I Can Only Imagine
  • I Can Only Imagine is a 'good Christian movie' because "it just does all the things a movie should." 
  • Melvin, "I would have liked if the bulk of the movie was the reconciliation between [Bart Millard] and his dad." 
  • For Daniel, the ending is too cheesy when compared to the real life events they seem to semi-replicate. 
  • I Can Only Imagine, as a movie, isn't trying to sell you anything, and that's likely why it worked well with critics.


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