Cinematic Doctrine

ParaNorman - How it Feels to be Weird and Lonely

September 28, 2021 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 89
Cinematic Doctrine
ParaNorman - How it Feels to be Weird and Lonely
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In this wholesome Halloween episode of the Cinematic Doctrine podcast, Melvin & Dan talk about one of Laika's several family-friendly horror-animated features, ParaNorman


  • Daniel gets into a car accident, and contemplates how several of his peers from Bible college and ministry are leaving or struggling with their faith.
  • Introducing ParaNorman [8:04]
  • ParaNorman has a comfortable, cozy Fall atmosphere.
  • Laika takes advantage of it's medium to create a fun, charismatic animation style that separates itself from the competition.
  • Melvin shares about an extremely lonely period in his life where he tried talking to ghosts because he had no one else to talk to.
  • Melvin, "When you're just feeling distant and weird, all you want is someone to step into your world and spend time with you."
  • How ParaNorman isn't really all that scary, especially compared to something like Coraline.
  • But also, how ParaNorman can have these intensely emotional moments elevated by the children's story-book nature of the movie.
  • Discussing what it's like to be an outcast, or treated differently, for your interests (in particular, Melvin & Dan being Christians who like horror movies).
  • In this particular case, most Christians who enjoy horror movies have a strong understanding as to why they enjoy them than most Christians have with non-horror movies.
  • "Weird" people know that they're "weird" and see how others treat people who are also "weird", and it can become a perpetual self-isolating and self-preservation machine to try and keep away from those who may target their "weirdness" for laughs, bullying, or with disappointment.
  •  In Christian circles, when people are ostracized for certain qualities, social ticks, or "abnormal" hobbies, it's not a far-cry for people to start thinking the Lord sees them in a similar fashion: weird, different, separate, and superfluous.
  • And, finally, we talk about that one joke between characters Mitch and Courtney that apparently became the big talking point during the time of ParaNorman's release, despite there being so much more to talk about (as proven by the rest of the episode).
  • But first, a brief tangent talking about that 2019 movie Serenity because every time we remember it exists it blows our mind that... you know... it exists.


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