Cinematic Doctrine

Ernest Scared Stupid - Truce Podcast and Halloween Hijinks

October 19, 2021 Chris Staron Season 1 Episode 92
Cinematic Doctrine
Ernest Scared Stupid - Truce Podcast and Halloween Hijinks
Show Notes


Chris Staron of Truce Podcast joins Melvin to talk Ernest Scared Stupid, the movie Melvin kept talking about during their last episode together, Ernest Saves Christmas

  • Chris Staron tells us about Truce Podcast, his award-winning Christian show about how the Christian church has gotten where it is, and how it can do better. 
  • Melvin relives some library/Blockbuster nostalgia with rewatching Ernest Scared Stupid
  • Introducing Ernest Scared Stupid [13:31] 
  • Melvin felt Ernest Scared Stupid's comedy is pretty good. The kind of comedy you talk about after the fact rather than laugh about in the moment. 
  • Ernest movies are comfy. They're easy to digest and remind viewers of simpler times. 
  • It's a shame that comedy is often regarded as low-brow or low-tier to the general public in terms of performative arts when comedy requires a wealth of talent and brilliance to pull off. 
  • Discussing the concept of fear for children and Christians. 
  • Chris Staron does some biblical gymnastics to correlate Ernest Scared Stupid to scriptural parallels. Hope you brought yoga pants! 
  • Ernest Scared Stupid still fits the bill of "kids on bikes save the day" even if Ernest is, like, 50 years old. 
  • Fear is not a juvenile emotion. Fear is not a sign of immaturity. Fear is healthy, useful, fun, and complicated. 


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