Cinematic Doctrine

Over the Garden Wall - A Dream-Like Fairy-Tale of Fear

October 26, 2021 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 93
Cinematic Doctrine
Over the Garden Wall - A Dream-Like Fairy-Tale of Fear
Show Notes


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Melvin & Daniel talk about the animated modern cult-classic Over the Garden Wall, a story about two brothers who get lost in the woods.


  • Daniel not only looked forward to discussing Over the Garden Wall, he remembers eagerly watching the show when it initially aired.
  • Also, Daniel recently had a watch party with some friends! Their post-show discussion was about Elijah Wood, and how one of Daniel's friends met Elijah Wood for a strange Wilfred-themed photo exchange.
  • Creator Patrick McHale brings a clever melancholy to Over the Garden Wall, somewhat similar to his work on Adventure Time.
  • Is Over the Garden Wall scary? Mostly in a folk-horror, mystical sense.
  • Kids and Teens may not have the words to explain why they connect with certain fears presented in Over the Garden Wall, but a lot of what is covered through it's various episodes will likely resonate with them.
  • Sharing our interpretations of The Beast, The Unknown, Fear, and so much more.
  • The music, the comedy, everything about Over the Garden Wall still feels fresh and original.
  • After the Recommendations, stick around for a short discussion on that Netflix slasher flick "There's Someone Inside Your House"


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