Cinematic Doctrine

Halloween Kills - Deliciously Divisive

October 29, 2021 Melvin & Dan Season 1 Episode 94
Cinematic Doctrine
Halloween Kills - Deliciously Divisive
Show Notes


Happy Halloween! In this extra episode of the podcast, Melvin & Dan discuss the latest entry in the Halloween franchise! If you've been a part of the online discussion, or at least aware of how people feel about Halloween Kills, then you're in for a treat! Daniel didn't like Halloween Kills, but Melvin did! Thus begins some great Halloween banter!


  • Melvin really wants to talk about Halloween Kills, so they waste no time and jump right into it.
  • Chronicling the various canon of the Halloween franchise, and laying the framework between Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills.
  • Daniel was on board with Halloween Kills for about 20-30 minutes, and then it started to lose him.
  • Daniel also feels Halloween Kills takes itself too seriously, trying to elevate a franchise whose groundwork is based in simplicity.
  • CinemaScore was at Melvin's screening and he gave Halloween Kills an A! His wife Kathryn gave it a C.
  • Melvin suspects David Gordon Green is creating his Halloween Trilogy of movies to be something people routinely binge during the month of October, similar to watching the extended cuts of Lord of the Rings. 
  • Melvin didn't like Halloween (2018), putting it at #63 out of the 68 movies he's seen from 2018, but he suspects that Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills pair together well as a double feature which would probably improve his experience with Halloween (2018).
  • Halloween Kills spends time having characters try and figure out who Michael Myers is only to graciously have Michael Myers immediately show up to murder them.
  • Melvin suspects a lot of what contributes to his positive thoughts on Halloween Kills is due to a fun theater experience with a lively, engaged audience.
  • Celebrating that Donald Pleasance was not resurrected via CGI but rather Dr. Loomis was brought back via another actor, prosthetics, and voice acting.
  • For Daniel, even though the movie loses itself, it never stops being engaging.
  • Discussing the bizarre mob sub-plot, how it sort of means nothing, yet incidentally correlates socially as a reminder of how absurd January 6th really is.
  • Talking about the best characters all year: Big John & Little John.
  • The movie has so many "movie lines" where characters just say things you only say in the movies.
  • Is Michael Myers homophobic? Let's discuss.
  • Is this trilogy trying to turn Michael Myers into some sort of Jason Voorhees super-powered adjacent?


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